Q: What options are available to activate my generated key for Battlefield 1 on Origin?

A: Please open your Origin client and click on Games -> Activate a Product on Origin... in the top left corner. Once a new window opens, simply enter your generated product key to add the full version of the game to the origin account. Origin client you can download from here.

Q: What payment options are available to generate the game key?

A: Options available to potential users would include credit cards, paypal or classic bank transfer. The aforementioned methods expedites the entire process and makes the game key available without stress or difficulty. Ways to confirm the game key can be carried out using free offers, through the use of an application or by accessing you email. When filling in necessary information, endeavor to input real and valid information as fake or incorrect information could hinder the product code from unlocking thereby undermining the entire process..

Q: When will I receive my product code after completing offer from your sponsors?

A: Availability of product key is depends on the method used to complete the offer, if the offer is completed using a phone or PayPal, the key would be delivered instantly to the email. If the product code cannot be found in the email then there is a high probability that an incorrect email was used in the offer completion phase, checking your spam may become imperative. Using bank transfer to complete offer usually takes longer to receive the game key. Typically, it takes three to five working days to get the product key. However, a confirmation email would be sent once funds are processed by our sponsors..

Q: How many times can I re-install the game using the same generated product key?

A: The number of activations in the same household is not limited - the game can be reinstalled repeatedly as long as the product key is unique..

Q: What can I do when the game key does not activate?

A: The online verification procedure was introduced for keygen update 1.77 as a requirement for activation process. However, if the game cannot be verified because of networks complications or firewall software hindering connection then the offline activation page alternative would be a preferable - if that is the case visit our offline activation page to complete the procedure offline.

Q: What languages are available on the Keygen of Battlefield 1?

A: The BF1 Keygen is available in English, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais.
However the flexibility of Keygen BF1 allows users to incorporate new languages using google tarnslate solution.

Q: Are Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 systems compatible to generate game key?

A: Definitely! The keygen service offers a wide range of keygens that are compatible with different systems, including PS4 and Xbox ONE. If you have generated Battlefield 1 before, kindly follow the directives provided above on how to activate your key on origin.
Once the key is available, simply double-click the entry in your Origin library to begin downloading and installation..

Q: The game fails to start or the visuals are corrupted. What can I do?

A: Please update your video card drivers to latest version available. If it still doesn't help, try to reinstall your game on Origin and install all files from folder __Installer.

Q: I have a high performance laptop, but BF1 runs poorly on it. Why?

A: Opportunities are that your laptop includes 2 video chips. Vendors generally integrate incorporated Intel chipsets with more efficient Nvidia or AMD chipsets in order to save battery power when running less graphics-demanding applications. You can open the control panel of the more effective video card (Nvidia Settings or AMD Control Center) and plainly request its use for Battlefield 1 (in "Manage 3D Settings").

Q: The game crashes, stutters and hinders my progress, what should I do?

A: Please contact Battlefield 1 game support team if you are experiencing in game issues.. We only can help you if you have issues with Keygen..BF1 support team can be reached at EA Help BF1.